Renowned for its expertise in ethical risks and compliance programs, Grenier Avocats has been invited to participate in the panel discussion dedicated to whistleblowing, organized by La Lettre des juristes d’affaires.

The application of the European directive adopted on Oct 7, 2019 to harmonize the protection of the whistleblower throughout the European Union, is still very unequal in the Union’s countries. The directive should be transposed into national law within 2 years.

Topics : the whistleblower’s definition in French law, its protection, the levels of alerts provided for by the SAPIN II law, the changes provided for by the European directive, the keys to limit the risks, the retention of data…

Participants in this panel discussion were: Charlotte Grass (Head of Legal, Competition, Compliance and Regulation, Vice Commissioner of Ethics and Compliance for the Vallourec Group); Marc Jany (Vice President & Global Head of Business Ethics & Compliance for the Dassault Systèmes Group); Jean-Baptiste Carpentier (Head of Compliance for the Veolia Group); Pierre Laporte (Partner, Governances); Patrice Grenier (Grenier Avocats).

La Lettre des Juristes d’Affaires Débat Grenier Avocats