As it does every year, in 2017 Décideurs Risk Management & Assurances magazine published the new rankings for the best specialist law firms in France. The reputation of the structure in its market, the seniority of employees and associates, the number and quality of cases handled by the structure, the diversity and internationalization of the clientele, team growth and revenue are among the criteria used to produce the rankings.

As regards the ranking achieved by Grenier Avocats, on one hand the magazine highlights the firm’s specialist industrial risks and defective product expertise that has been recognized by major industrial groups and insurance companies, in particular with major cases in the areas of agribusiness and natural disasters, and on the other hand its differentiation through its advisory and audit activity for technical, legal, political, ethical and economic risks. Advice that structures appreciate because it leads to appropriate strategic decision-making.

More specifically, Grenier Avocats rose to an « excellent » ranking in relation to industrial risks and insurance litigation and product-related liability. Its strong reputation is recognized in regulatory insurance / reinsurance.

This ranking, of course very pleasing for Grenier Avocats, is above all a message that reinforces our belief in the importance of pursuing an ever « more personalized » approach with our clients.