Comparution sur Reconnaissance Préalable de Culpabilité Bolloré

Industrial risks:

  • The Firm is assisting a shipbuilder following an incident that occurred on a ship for which certain parts, supplied by a third party, had been the subject of a recall campaign.
  • The Firm is representing the interests of a company which had been entrusted with the periodic inspections of a crane in the context of a judicial expertise following the collapse of this lifting device, which caused damages of approximately €4 million.
  • The Firm is defending the interests of a car manufacturer following an accident that occurred on a vehicle in its fleet and was likely to be of a serial nature.
  • The Firm is defending a railway maintenance company in the context of legal proceedings instituted following the derailment of a freight train on a local railroad line.

Business Litigation:

  • The Firm represented a Polish railroad equipment manufacturer and its Finnish insurer in both the product recall dispute between them and a railroad manufacturer in France, and their warranty claim against the raw materials supplier.

Arbitration :

Mediation / Conciliation

  • The firm successfully participated in a conciliation between an IT service provider and its client following a commercial dispute worth EUR 1.5 million in unpaid invoices and contract termination indemnities.


  • The Firm has implemented compliance and/or corruption prevention and detection programs in several companies subject to the Sapin II law.
  • The Firm assisted a French company in the context of an audit conducted by the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA).
  • The Firm assisted a client following a case of corruption in one of its subsidiaries, helping it to reorganize the governance of its subsidiary and to develop its procedures and ethical controls.
  • The firm defended a client in a criminal proceeding initiated in Africa for acts of corruption.