Widely recognized in France and abroad for its legal expertise in industrial issues, the firm of Grenier Avocats has worked closely over the last 15 years and more with leading industrial groups (in fields as varied as defense, automotive, construction materials, transport infrastructure engineering, energy and agri-food), and with insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as brokers. Building on its experience in risk assessment, the firm has developed a comprehensive offer to support medium-sized companies, established in France and abroad, in the implementation of a compliance program in accordance with the provisions of the law n°2016-1691 of the 9th December 2016, also known as the “Sapin II” law, relating to the fight against corruption. We propose a full package offer, available in English, for the setting up within a few months of all measures required in the compliance program. This offer is designed for managers and decision-makers and ensures confidentiality and independence.

Grenier Avocats offers its clients a broad range of skills: 

• support on cases of liability for breach of warranty of merchantability or arising from defective products;
• drafting and litigation of commercial contracts;
• setting up and revision of contracts associated with insurance programs;
• litigation in public and private law, particularly for project owners, project managers, entities providing assistance to owners and for contract holders.
• « Sapin II » law comprehensive offer: drafting of an anticorruption code, elaboration of a corruption risks map, establishment of a collecting reports system on behaviors contrary to the anticorruption code, disciplinary sanctions recommendations, training of employees exposed to corruption risks, internal and external crisis management communication…

Grenier Avocats prides itself on an empathetic approach to its clients, with a close relationship with managers and in-house lawyers, and makes every effort to provide intensely personalized support that goes well beyond the firm’s primary role of defending clients’ interests. Our team puts in the time and effort required to become familiar with its clients’ business, environment and processes as the first step towards clearly identifying their specific needs. This client-tailored approach ensures that our clients benefit from ever more practical and pertinent advice on anticipating risks, resulting in a greater margin of comfort and protection.

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Our values

Grenier Avocats makes the most of its independent status within the groups it works with to make its considered advice freely available not only to in-house legal teams but also to the highest levels of management.

This attribute of being familiar with working with several legal systems and having access to very different parts of the world encourages a spirit of openness, an understanding of differences, and calls for a real ability to adapt.

Both in France and abroad, Grenier Avocats involves its clients closely in following the handling of their case(s). Each of our clients is well acquainted with the attorney in charge of their case(s). Clients systematically play a part in the selection of their legal partner whenever the case so requires.

Despite its high level of specialization in the field of industrial issues, its international reach and its dual competency in both counsel and litigation, Grenier Avocats is committed to remaining accessible whilst offering top-flight services.

In line with its emphasis on personalizing the solutions it offers its clients, Grenier Avocats also makes every effort to be a real presence in regular interchanges and, even more so, in emergency situations. The team’s ethos is to respond to clients without loss of time and be ready for swift action in support of clients at critical moments. Grenier Avocats has become a privileged and regular partner for many of its clients.