Too often, companies, and in particular SMEs, find themselves at a loss when a dispute arises with a business partner located abroad. 

Our Firm has been regularly assisting French and foreign industrialists for more than 10 years in the management of their transnational disputes. 

In this context, our Firm has been retained to ensure, on behalf of several French and foreign insurers, the follow-up of multiple claims that have occurred in the United States relating to the questioning of food products.  

Among other things, our Firm managed the insurance aspects of the recourse of a French agri-food company following the withdrawal in Asia of baby products that generated damage of several hundred million euros.


1. Our resources  

Knowledge of the business sectors of our clients and the countries in which these activities are carried out is essential. This is why we attach great importance to setting up a dedicated team, with perfect knowledge of industrial and insurance issues, and fully bilingual in English in all our international interventions.  

Representative in France of the international network of lawyers CMI – Clausen Miller International, our Firm is also in direct contact with more than 40 corresponding lawyers abroad practicing in Africa, the United States, Europe and Asia. 


2. Our service offering and our deliverables 

In order to offer our customers dedicated support adapted to their challenges, our service offer includes:

  • The mobilization of our international network of foreign correspondents 

The choice of a foreign counsel can be risky due to a lack of references. Our Firm mobilizes its trusted partners abroad for its clients, depending on the country concerned. 

We strive to obtain from most of our correspondents abroad flat-rate billing, so that we can establish with our clients a provisional budget in relation to the issues in dispute and in complete transparency.  

  • An interface between our foreign correspondents and our clients

In the management of litigation and international projects, our Firm is responsible for acting as the interface between the designated foreign correspondent and our clients. 

This approach, which makes it possible to centralize our clients’ requests to the foreign correspondent, and vice versa, aims to facilitate the monitoring of procedures by our clients in that our Firm acts as a single point of contact.

  • Compliance with the “ATTORNEY-PRIVILEGE” principle in American procedures

The American concept of “attorney privilege” concerns the information that the lawyer must keep secret and protects, like the professional secrecy of the lawyer in France, the ability of the client to confide freely in his lawyer. 

By virtue of this principle, the notes, observations, reflections, research and work of a lawyer can escape the so-called American “discovery” procedure which imposes on a party,in the context of the search for evidence that can be used in a trial, to produce all the relevant elements (facts, acts, documents, etc.) available to it even if these elements are unfavorable to it. 

Our Firm offers to monitor American procedures, on behalf of our French clients, in order to ensure the confidentiality of information that may pass, for example, between French and American entities of the same group in the preparation of their defense strategy. 

  • Regular writing of notes on the progress of the file

Each time the procedure changes and/or at regular intervals, our firm will draw up a note on the progress of the file.  

The deliverable that we will give you will include, in particular, the report of the last elements of the litigation procedure, a summary of the analysis work carried out by the local correspondent, and will develop, if there are any, the identified risks. Our report will be accompanied by procedural documents or documents which will be intended for you and which may possibly be the subject of a translation. 

  • Translation of legal documents in English and French

Because legal vocabulary has its specificities, our teams strive to translate documents, notes and procedural elements into French and/or legal English for our clients.



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