While we are waiting for the end of the lockdown, in terms of environmental law, a return to normal is looming. This is suggested by the decree published on 22 April which resumes a series of limitation periods and procedures in environmental law.

A first decree published in early April had already waived the principle of suspension of certain time limits (prescribed by the Order of 25 March 2020). More specifically, it targeted hazardous industrial equipment, including facilities classified for environmental protection (ICPE), for which the controls – those prescribed by administrative orders or sanctions measures –should continue despite the health crisis.

With this text applicable since April 23, a series of deadlines will resume their course “taking into account the issues for safety, the protection of health and public safety and the preservation of the environment”.

If this decree indicates a next return to normal, it is also the sign that it is necessary to pay more attention than ever to the legally imposed deadlines.

The decree can be consulted here.