Specific expertise

Karel’s special areas of expertise include business law, commercial contract and tort disputes, international arbitration and insurance law. He has also developed specific skills in company law and intellectual property law.

Karel is involved in a substantial number of international cases on behalf of clients that include major industrial groups. He is equally skilled when acting as counsel (business contracting, signing of internal agreements, limitation of liability clauses, negotiations with partners, etc.) or in litigation (accident, technical failure, defective plant, delayed order execution, equipment not to specification, etc.).

Professional career

Before joining Cabinet Grenier Avocats, Karel spent two years in Louisiana, with a firm of some 10 attorneys specializing in litigation, as a lawyer in the field of tort liability and insurance, dealing with private clients who had been victims of industrial or other forms of accident.

Education & training

After qualifying as an attorney in France, Karel took a Master II degree (LLM) from Louisiana State University. He is a member of the Paris Bar (called in 2007) and the New York Bar (called in 2010).