Comprehensive offer for the implementation of the “Sapin II“ law

In the first place, and after a study of the specific culture of each company, its environment and its activities, the firm offers assistance during key implementation steps of the compliance program. We propose a legal-risks management program for managers and decision-makers and a support to help the company inserting this compliance program in its global strategic plan. We aim at implementing measures that trigger positive competitive or corporate image effects that a compliance program, when perceived as a whole by its managers, can generate.

The firm assists companies for the implementation of the “Sapin II” law mandatory measures:
• drafting of an anticorruption code considering the specific environment and activity of the company as well as codes and ethics charters already in place;
• recommendations of concrete measures to implement the anticorruption code among the employees;
• establishment and follow-up of a collecting reports system on behaviors contrary to the anticorruption code;
• recommendations of disciplinary sanctions in case of violation of the anti-corruption code (ex: warning, reprimand, suspension, dismissal…);
• training of employees exposed to corruption risks based on specific materials and follow-up to ensure the transfer of knowledge;
• proposing a corruption risks map which can encompass all other risks that the company can face or that is part of the existing risks map;
• assistance for including anticorruption obligations in contractual commitments with suppliers and clients of the company;
• control and internal monitoring of Sapin II measures;
• assistance with internal and external communication as well as in case of crisis management;

Focus on…

Setting up an insurance program

Grenier Avocats is accustomed to advising its clients on the legal aspects associated with setting up an insurance program. Concretely, a team of attorneys considers the program’s architecture, advises on the cover required in conjunction with the brokers or insurers, and brings its expertise to bear on the drafting of policies, especially with regard to how these may later be interpreted by a judge. This enables its clients to raise questions not generally brought up by the other parties involved and to anticipate future issues across the broadest possible front.